A River Runs Through It

Design Your Own New Airplane

Design Your Own New Airplane

This week Boeing stood up a new website that allows you to design your own new airplane. This Flash app gives you the tools to create your own colorful paint scheme. The above photo is of my creation and features a 747 outfitted with a yellow jacket like livery. This website will be up through May.

In family news, Dan worked his first week as an Otis College of Art and Design librarian. Dave filed his taxes and with the money from his refund he is going to Costa Rica next month. We filed our taxes already too, but we have to pay more taxes, so we won’t be going anywhere. Anne got some excellent news today that I would love to tell you about, but for the time being, I’m under a gag order.

The it in this post’s title is our basement. Everytime there is a substantial rain, water begins to seep into the basement. If it is a flash downpour, then the water shows up quickly. If the storm is a slow and steady soaker, then the water takes longer to appear. The water is restricted to just one quadrant of the basement, so I originally thought that the problem was that one of our four gutter downspouts was clogged, but the gutters are less than a year old and they are not supposed to clog. We’ve had the gutter company, the plumber that replaced our sewer line and our neighbor the architect out to look at this problem. They all left head scratching. After a wet winter and a wet spring, this has gotten rather annoying.

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