Horses, by Saul Steinberg

The pictures with this post show a panel and close-ups of a furnishing fabric entitled Horses (c.1949/52). This fabric was designed by Saul Steinberg (1914-1999) a Romanian-born artist who is best remembered for his distinctive, quirky, and humorous illustrations that graced the pages of publications, especially the New Yorker, for over six decades. Steinberg’s whimsical style caught on quickly, and his fame and commercial success led to commissions by home furnishing companies, particularly for drapery and wallpaper designs. Between 1949 and the mid-1950s, Steinberg designs were adapted to textiles. Horses presents an array of shrewdly observed horses, typically Steinbergian with precise drawing and touches of color, engaged in a wide range of activities.

2 thoughts on “Horses, by Saul Steinberg

  1. My parents had a roll of hand printed wall paper with this design. Printed by Piazza Prints, Inc in NYC. It was always in the roll on top of a cabinet in our garage when I was growing up in the 60s and 70s. When they moved out of the house in 1997, I rescued it from the trash. A few years ago I had a portion of it professionally framed. I LOVE it and often receive many compliments and inquiries about it.

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