Do Not Break Glass - It's a Long Way Down

Do Not Break Glass – It’s a Long Way Down

This is the big week for bracket-ology and already my personal diagnosis is not looking good. Raincharm has already published their brackets. President Obama has his out too. Republicans dare not contest his basketball prognostications, but are more than willing to complain that he hasn’t published a budget that they would never pass. I am way behind the curve here. Since the tournament began today, it is probably too late now. I could claim surprise, like it snuck up on me, because like everything else in life, March Madness has slid to the right. The Ides of March has past, along with Saint Patrick’s Day, Spring has even sprung, but still there have been no tournament games, until today.

I could attempt some last-ditch sally, except that I can find no windmills to tilt at. There is no office pool that I am aware of. Not that I would have plunked down cash on anything other than a randomized draw. Read this witty little ditty from the New Yorker to get a sense of my thoughts on competitive office pools. I don’t know squat about basketball, probably because I am so squat. I have never held much interest in the game. Whether I sally forth or no, this madness still holds collegiate interest for me. I have my favorite schools, the rest of them are just obstacles to be overcome.

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  1. I watched most of the Michigan game last night. For a while in the first half it seemed that no one scored. NO ONE! and our star player was 0 for 7 in the first half and only 2 baskets in the second, but had a healthy # of assists, so all ended fine. But we need to play better next time!!

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