Anne’s LOVE Quilt

Just when you thought that all of last week’s romantic mushiness was over with for a while, it is time to drop the other shoe. I waxed on and on about Valentine’s Day last week, but now it is my better half’s turn to reply. Anne had hoped to have this wall quilt finished by the 14th, but that was not to be. She has had a four-day weekend to make good on her intentions though and had completely finished it by the time that I came home from work today. She used printed fabric to create this quilt and outline quilted around the pattern. We will hang it on our bedroom wall. On the back of it she added a tag, with the following dedication:

Love is a Work in Progress.
Today, tomorrow, forever,
Until the last project is finally finished!

Now that she has finished this project, she can concentrate on finishing her current knitting project. She has been working both projects concurrently. I’ll go out on a limb and predict, nay set as a goal that she will finish this project this week too. While just as lovely as the featured quilt project, this other knitting project is way more cute.

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