Bite Me!

It’s the weekend! So, it is time for another fun Friday family news roundup. I’ll go first. In and around work today I attempted to re-title Dan’s car. It has been in LA so long that a Missouri registry is no longer tenable. Missouri’s Department of Revenue, what every other state calls the Department of Motor Vehicles, was its usual pointless purgatory. For one brief shining moment, I thought that I might skate free and clear of this process, but the doors all too quickly slammed shut and I was sent back to the beginning of this latest paper chase. Grrrr!

Speaking of Dan, he is working for the scenic designer on a movie. I neglected to ask him which movie and he hasn’t volunteered a title either, so maybe I don’t have a need to know? He did volunteer that it is a film that is mostly set in mid-century San Diego, with flashbacks to World War II, where the protagonist served in the Japanese army. Filming is in Orange County. Dan says that he is having fun doing this work, but he also finds it grueling. He works 12 and 14 hour days. So far he has made a pair of doors from scratch out of about the cheapest materials that exist. The film industry is apparently held together with contact paper, but next he’ll be carving an African mask.

There is not much to say about Dave. I texted him today, and asked for “proof of life” and got this brief response, “Still alive, just busy”. I guess that’s all I have to report.

Meanwhile, Anne has been feeling chilled, on the verge of feverishness and definitely has had a sore throat for a couple of days, so it goes to figure that she ended up working in plague central again, kindergarten. This morning, she was greeted by a chorus of sniffles and coughs and it only got worse from there. One child complained that she wasn’t feeling well. Anne sent her to the nurse. The nurse returned the child, saying that there was no sign of fever. A little while later the child threw up. The principal had to move Anne and her class to the library. On the playground, one child bit another, because she was crying and it hurt his ears. It was just that kind of day. Thank God it’s Friday!

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