I want enlightenment and I want it now!

Golden Buddha

Golden Buddha

What did Mahatma Gandhi and Genghis Khan have in common?
Unusual names

So I was speaking with the Buddha the other day. He was all being enlightened and such, the way that he always is and there I was trying to uphold my half of the conversation, when what I was really thinking is how I am going to make it through this low-caste, overcast day. Then I blurted out, “I want enlightenment and I want it now!” You might think that after this outburst, the Buddha might have been taken aback. If so, you would be wrong. He was totally unfazed, but he did later advise me not to bother him again, at least for a couple hundred more lifetimes.

State two major world religions:
1) The Force in Star Wars
2) Football

The picture with this post is of a painting in Little Saigon, my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in town. It is located in the Central West End. The intermingled test questions in this post are from the book, “F in Exams – The Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers”, by Richard Benson. I’ve included them to make this rather nonsensical blog post seem more intelligent, at least by comparison. Really though, what can you the reader honestly expect on a low-caste, winter’s day at the end of a work week that never feels like it will end.

What is a pilgrimage?
It’s when lots of people wander off in the same direction for no apparent reason.

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