Almost Done

Almost Done

Thursday was another big day in our basement. There was an extra signature on the permit notice that’s been taped to our front door, for the last few days. This signifies that both of the necessary inspections have occurred, one for the outside and one for the inside. Also on the exterior, straw was laid down.I guess that it will help with erosion, at the very least it announces, “Yes, we know that the yard is torn up, we’re working on it.” 

The big news is in the basement. All of the holes have been filled in, all of the dirt is gone and the basement hasn’t looked this clean in decades. The concrete is firm, but still damp. I probably could have walked on it, but danced over it instead. I am very pleased with the work performed and would highly recommend Cordia-Reich Plumbing.

They were able to save the downstairs shower, which does occasionally come in handy. They even dug out and patched a piece of concrete flooring that heaved from hydrostatic pressure, back before we put in working gutters. This work was totally out of scope, but much appreciated. About the only work that I could see that remains, is that the PVC pipes that stick up through the two floor drains need to be cut back. I guess the concrete was still too wet for that work.

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