Laying Pipe

All of the old, rotting cast iron pipe is gone. In its place is gleaming white PVC. Our expected interruption in service, must have occurred some time on Wednesday. We were both at work, so we missed it. We also missed the major excavation of our front yard. Our architect neighbors were home though and they related what they saw. A huge pile of dirt at one time covered most of the front yard. They had to back hoe out five feet in length and seven feet in-depth, to get to the exterior portion of the job. The front yard is a total mess, but with watering, the ivy should recover quickly.

I hope no one got buried there. This was actually one of my fears about this project that a body would be found. The house is seventy-five years old, so who knows what has happened here before we moved in. We bought the house, from a single woman, who only lived here a few years and bought this place in an estate sale, kind of spooky, I know.

There is some sort of permit notice on the front door. It doesn’t list our street number. I think that it is the plumbing company owner’s address. He lives down the block. They filled in the exterior hole, before I got home. I think that there are two permits required for this job, one for the outside and one for the inside. Since they already covered up the exterior hole, I assume that they had already gotten that inspection. I don’t know if they are still waiting on the interior inspection, or just ran out of time. They got an awful lot done today. There is still all of the concrete work ahead, but, they might finish today, a day early. My main concern and also that of the plumber’s was connecting up to the old stack. Fortunately, that seems to have gone well. 😉

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