Gold, Diamonds, Riches

Gold, Diamonds, Riches

Walter: What happened?
Curly: It was no picnic but those guys are work animals. Well everything looks pretty much under control.
Walter: It does?

This post is an open solicitation to investors. This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor, nay the underground floor of our gold and diamond mine. We’re talking real riches here folks. This is not a scam! Years ago, when Dave was still little, we believe that he flushed Anne’s wedding ring down the toilet. It is probably still down there. This is the explanation for my claims of gold, diamonds and riches. If we are really lucky, it will reappear this week and in a symbolic way help defray the cost of this big dig. 😉

Curly: Well not to the layman’s eyes of course.
Walter: They completely ripped up my house!
Curly: They sure as hell did didn’t they? They really ripped the guts out of it. They’re work animals I tell you. Look at those holes huh? Then you’ve got your gravel piles, your sand piles, your scrap piles. Animals!
Walter: Animals.

The preceding photograph represents the dream of possible wealth, while the subsequent photo shows the current reality of our basement. Four men showed up on Monday morning. With shovels and jack hammers in hand they went to work. Except for a few small sections, they have dug up our ancient sewer line. I expect that they will finish the interior digging today. There is still the exterior excavation yet to go, and then they’ll start laying the new PVC pipe. There will be a point when all of the old sewer line has been torn out and the new line laid. That is when the county inspector will show up to give his blessing. Then they will fill-in the trenches and then restore the concrete flooring.

Curly: Well I like a good conversation as much as any but I’ve got to run. Hasta Pronto if you know what I mean.
Walter: You’re leaving?
Curly: Well I ain’t moving in.

Our Grand Canyon

Dialogue between characters Walter (homeowner) and Curly (contractor), from the movie, The Money Pit.

Our neighbors, Art and Caroline came over to survey the damage. They are both architects and have done a lot with their own home. They had heard the noise all day and were curious to see the results, but not curious by half as their two children, Ethan and Gracie. These kids were jumping back and forth over the various trenches and having a grand time.

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