Field Trip to the Arch

Field Trip to the Arch

Anne took her fourth grade class to the Arch on Tuesday. They rode downtown by school bus to the old courthouse. There they got a dose of history, thanks to the National Park Service. They walked from the courthouse down to the Arch. You have to walk over I-70 to do this. The kids took the opportunity to with raised arms imitate the pulling of a cord to get the desired response from the passing semis. They were quite successful at this. At the Arch, the class went downstairs to the museum. After a seemingly endless bathroom break, involving Dyson hand-dryers, Anne got her students on to their main lesson. 

This field trip was part of the social studies subject. The class is studying Native Americans, mapping and explorers, cue Lewis and Clark. Where better to study these subjects than at the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, the gateway to the west. Afterwards, the kids got to run around the base of the Arch a bit, before the buses picked them up on old Wharf Street, down by the river. Unlike in her dream, Anne did not lose a single child. She came home throughly exhausted though. As a school district taxpayer, I feel that I have totally gotten my money’s worth out of this field trip.

3 thoughts on “Field Trip to the Arch

  1. next field trip – Cahokia Mounds! make them run up and down the stairs a couple times. 😉

    and I have to say, I LOVE those Dyson hand driers. I would take an extra few seconds as well.

  2. They went to Cakokia Mounds last year. I too, love the Dyson hand driers, and the kids weren’t as funny as a friend of ours who saw his first one several coursed into a beer&food tasting. But then, they were’nt drunk.

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