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Two things Biden is that Obama wasn’t.
1) Happy.
2) Warrior.
– Josh Greenman

I watched Thursday night’s Vice-Presidential debate and I liked it. Vice President Joe Biden really brought it. Republicans have argued that he overreached that he was the personification of the drunken uncle at the wedding. At the last debate they complained that President Barack Obama had just phoned in his debate. This debate they complain that Biden has overreached. Some people just can’t be pleased.

Joe Biden wiped the floor with Paul Ryan at Thursday night’s debate, but we might have to spend a day debating whether he laughed too much while doing it.
– Joan Walsh at Salon

It reminded me … of watching a musk ox run across the tundra with somebody underfoot. And in this case, when it came to style, it was Paul Ryan underfoot …
– Sarah Palin

Biden brought all of the arguments that Democrats were left craving after the first debate. In the above video clip he manages to hit all the major talking points in one brief soliloquy. This is all music to my Democratic ears.

You know what’s the difference between Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan? Lipstick.
– Charles Pierce at Esquire

Neither Biden’s performance nor this post was ever directed at other than a partisan Democratic crowd. Expect more rather than less of this partisan rancor. At this point in the election cycle it is more about getting out the vote than it is about trying to find those last few elusive votes.

Hello 911? There’s an old man beating a child on my TV – Bill Maher

What Biden did most effectively was to staunch the feeling of rout among the Democratic faithful. The anguish and gnashing of teeth that was exhibited after the first debate has dissipated. Subsequent debates for better of for worse will have less and less future impact. It is now about energizing the base and getting out the vote. Thank you, Joe.

I miss Jim Lehrer. – Karl Rove

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