The MFA is the New MBA

Dan’s New Place

That row of windows on the second floor gray building with red trim is ours. It runs about the length of those windows and 20 feet in. Via iOS 6 Magic Vision!

Dan sent us the preceding message, along with the above photo of his new property. As near as I can tell, from looking at the photograph, all nine windows in front are part of his space, along with at least one if not both of the windows on the side. It ought to have plenty of natural light. Right now it is one big open space, but he and his friend plans to build interior walls for offices and such for this studio property.  He will take possession on Monday.

The preceding was originally envisioned as just a lead up to another one of my dearly loved Apple Attacks, dearly loved, at least by me. Dan’s iOS 6 Magic Vision photo coincided nicely with the Mea Culpa from Apple’s CEO, over their new mapping app. My spovely louse, steered me away from that more hateful path, to something more uplifting. Before I totally depart for higher ground, I just have to get one more dig in about those cars that look painted on the roof, in the upper left-hand corner of the picture. 😉

The teacher mom came back from school on Friday with a reading assignment for me, “A Whole New Mind – Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future” by Daniel H. Pink. In reality, I was only asked to read four pages, but it hurt. Man, it hurt. Here is my synopsis of my reading assignment. This thumbnail, also-know-as my C- book report goes like this.

You got your right-brainers and you got your left-brainers. Left-brainers, like me, we do all the work. While, you right-brainers sit around, talk, drink lattés and spout. That’s fine, division of labor and all that. We get paid and you get to ask if we want fries with our happy meals. That was the social contract. Who knew that all of us could be outsourced? We knew that muscle could be off shored, but not left-brain power. Apparently, we were wrong. Call centers are just the tip of the spear of this coming change. Indian computer programmers are taking on my skills. White-collar workers are the new blue-collar workers.

Getting accepted as an MFA to UCLA is harder than entering Harvard Business School as a MBA. Only 3% of applicants are taken versus 10%. Titans of industry, like GM, scour art schools across America. They are searching for the creative class, tomorrow’s makers. Pink sums it up nicely:

Before that Indian programmer has something to fabricate, maintain, test, or upgrade, that something must first be imagined, or invented. And these creations must be explained and tailored to customers and entered into the swirl of commerce, all of which require aptitudes that can’t be reduced to a set of rules on a spec sheet — ingenuity, personal rapport, and gut instinct.

According to the Economist, in 1993 61% of business consultants had an MBA. Less than ten years later their number is down to 43%. MBA tasks once foisted upon young recruits trying to earn their spurs to get to Wall Street or the like, are now moving overseas to India instead. Meanwhile, in the US the number of graphic designers has increased ten-fold in a decade. Since 1970, there are 30% more people earning a living as a writer and 50% more full-time musicians. The “creatives” represent a growth industry for America.

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