Seagulls on the Rocks

Seagulls on the Rocks at the End of the Beach

This week I had a major breakthrough at work. It wasn’t really a breakthrough and only from my small vantage point could the words ‘major’ or ‘breakthrough’ become involved in the discussion. This was on Monday morning and I basked in the glow of my so-called success all day. At day’s end when Anne and I compared our respective days, I finally had something positive that I couldn’t talk about.

I had to brief management immediately after my noontime walk. Monday’s weather was steaming, so I was positively melting when I did the brief. That probably helped prevent them inspecting my results too closely. They had to look over my shoulder to see the screen. Afterwards, in the cafeteria, with piece of pizza in hand, one of the managers saddled up behind me and asked to the effect, had I already worked that piece of pizza off. Of course not.

I don’t feel that I can can really claim credit for any success here. Primarily, because I can’t explain it. It is like the bluebird of happiness had landed on my shoulder. I felt blessed. I have benefited from such luck in the past and I could try to exercise this luck again here, but like George Jetson before me, I had somewhat mindlessly just punched some buttons and like a lucky slot machine gambler come out a winner. This experience reminds me of Arther C. Clarke’s Third Law: ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.’ I’m just one lucky gull.

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