Old Friends are the Best Friends


Maybe long time friends would have been a more politic title? The first venerable friend, David, commented on this blog earlier today. The second friend of long acquaintance, Terry, showed up at a meeting I attended this morning.

Initially, I confused David with another friend of many years, Captain Don. David had signed his comment “D” and referenced a West County intersection in his comment. It wasn’t until later, when I put two-and-two together that I finally figured out who “D” was.

I was surprised to see Terry, when I walked into the conference room, The meeting was a procedural meeting. By procedural, I mean boring. The first words that I said to Terry after not having seen him for several years was, “I thought that you had retired.” Not a very politic statement at all, especially since I had uttered it in front of a dozen witnesses. After the procedure was performed and the meeting had broken up, Terry and I commenced to start catching up on each other.

I had not heard nor seen either of these two gentlemen for more than a few years. It is a splendid coincidence that our re-acquaintances all occurred on the same day. The photo with this post says it all, “HI”. It is another example of my painting with light on the beach this summer.

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