An Unexpected Double-Header

I Went to a Day Game that Turned into a Night Game

We went to the baseball game on Sunday. The idea was to get a little father and son and mother bonding time. It was beautiful day for a ballgame. The only thing that we didn’t realize was that we would end up watching the equivalent of two ballgames, two for the price of one. No it wasn’t a double-header. It was just one game, one nineteen inning game. After 19 innings, 6 hours, 9 runs, 27 hits, 2 errors and 16 pitchers, the Cardinals ended up losing to the Pirates 6-3.

It was a disappointing loss, especially since we had stuck it out to the bitter end. At least we had the satisfaction of not having to listen to those annoying Pittsburg fans gloat at their victory. The ones that were sitting right behind us and all of the other nearby ones had all left by the twelfth inning.

They say that baseball is a game without a clock and that a given game could theoretically go on forever. Theory was put to the test today. In the 17th inning, after eleven straight innings of no score, the pirates inched ahead, but the Cards came right back and tied it up. At this point Dave turned to me and said, “Just when you thought the game was over.”

After the game, we waited for the Metrolink. Our train showed up after the station had all but emptied, but that’s OK, because I was in some sort of suspended animation state by then. After the train ride we enjoyed excellent Vietnamese at Mai Lee. It rejuvenated me.

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