We Have a New Roof

New Roof

As I mentioned in last night’s post, our new roof was installed yesterday. The old roof was only ten years old, but a hail storm last April got us insurance money to have a new roof put on. The roofing company has been chomping on their bit to get this job done. We put them off until we were back from vacation. This resulted with our new roofing materials sitting on the peak of our roof for two weeks.

The roofing crew pulled up in a big new red truck. The truck was hauling an even bigger trailer. They pulled up at seven-thirty and eleven hours later they were on their way again. The photo with this post was taken an hour before they finished. There were five Hispanic men in the crew. Of the five, one seemed to understand English.

As I said, this crew did the job in eleven hours. Ten years ago, it took a crew of ten Hispanic men fifteen hours to do roughly the same job. The first crew had to remove two old roofs, while this crew only had to remove one, but yesterday’s crew did more roof. They roofed the back porch and the garage, which the old crew didn’t touch. Plus this new crew had to do some roof siding repair, which the old crew didn’t do either.

Our roof line is pretty steep. It is so steep that we have to pay extra to compensate for the extra difficulty. The crew ten years ago would tie its members together and counterweight each other across the peak of the roof. The new crew never performed any such acrobatics. They just did their job efficiently and professionally.

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