DIY Roof?

Look what I found sitting on my house when I came home tonight. Answer – my new roof still in its packaging. This new roof is my replacement roof from last April’s hail storm. I got an email alerting me to the imminent arrival of said roofing material, but I thought that I had put it off for a week or so. I guess not. The roofer wanted to deliver the material this week, for installation next week. I wanted to wait a week, in hopes that it might cool down some. I guess that roofers have to eat too. So these materials will sit perched upon the crest of my roof for at least a week, if not more. I hope that it is safe to leave it up that long. We haven’t had bad weather for weeks and weeks, but tonight there are some storms on the radar. Maybe, I should move the cars out of the driveway? No, I’ll just keep an eye on the weather tonight instead. I wouldn’t want to jinx even a slim chance for rain.

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