Same-Sex Marriage Coming Out

When the Train Leaves the Station, Are You Onboard?

It has been kind of a blur today, but here goes nothing. I’m a latte-drinking, Prius-driving, NPR-listening liberal. So, it would not be a major leap of imagination to surmise that I support President Obama. This would include today’s announcement, where he stated that “same-sex marriage should be legal”. This statement was a long time coming. The fact that it was made was no surprise, but its timing was. I did not expect it until after the election. It was foreshadowed last week, when Vice-President Biden came out in favor of same-sex marriage. Tossed-off at the time as another Biden gaff, it might have been a trial balloon instead. Anyway, today Obama doubled-down on the issue.

Whatever, the nuances of Obama’s position is, mine is that the legal definition should be broadened to include a marriage contract between any two consenting adults. The benefits and responsibilities of marriage should be available, without regard to sex. Not doing so is discriminatory. I also feel that any lesser forms of marriage, like domestic partnerships, are as fair as separate but equal was. Fundamentally, this is a civil rights issue.

Others might protest that homosexuality is an affront to God. It is written in the Bible. It is written. I should strike this paragraph, because I don’t want to invite an argument with the religious right, it is a waste of my time and theirs. I simply want to acknowledge their differing beliefs. They are entitled to their beliefs. Their beliefs are enshrined in the Constitution, as are mine. Pray for me, if you think it helps.

I believe that my dear departed mother was way out ahead of me on this. Back as far as the early ‘80, she studied, and socialized with gay men. When the AIDS epidemic erupted, she also mourned for and with her friends. I never discussed the issue of same-sex marriage with her, but she always believed in gay rights, so connect the dots.

The ‘Fortune 100’ corporation that I work for offers same-sex dependent benefits. It also prohibits discrimination based upon sexual preference. Both of these policies are to its credit. Between my mom and my employer, my coming out in support for equal rights for gay people, is almost as overdue as the president’s. Well, better late then never.

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