Super Maroon

Tomorrow night, is the night of the super moon. This full moon is the biggest, 14% larger than normal and the brightest, 30% brighter, of the year. This is because it is at the moon’s closest approach to earth for the year. The following photo was taken yesterday, two days before full.

Super Moon

While this post is ostensibly all about astronomy, it is really all about the good doctor, Gerry. He prefers to be called Gerald, but I am old and set in my ways and have always called him Gerry. Gerry sounds cooler than Gerald and Gerry really is cool. Besides, the only other Michigan grad named Gerald that I know, was also named Ford.

Gerry happens to play in a band named Super Maroon. Originally, they were going to go with Super Moon, but too many other bands had already adopted that name, including one in Alton. Hence the name Super Maroon. Physicist by day, Rocker at night, it is quite the combination.

Midwest at Night

The above photograph is a NASA picture, taken from the International Space Station (ISS). Taken on a crystal clear night,it shows the American northern Midwest. Above and behind the Midwest is the Aurora Borealis and a portion of the ISS. You might think of this as the moon’s view of us.

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