88 MPH

DeLorean Tail Light

“Wait a minute, Doc. Ah… Are you telling me that you built a time machine… out of a DeLorean?” Marty McFly, from ‘Back to the Future’

II need a personal time machine. “Beam me up, Scotty, I’m late for work”, just isn’t cutting it anymore. Even if I had a transporter, I’d still be late for work. No, I really need a time machine. If I had one, then when the alarm went off at six, I could set my time machine back to four, jump in and get an extra two hours of snooze time. Properly rested now, I get ready for work at my leisure, and then when it’s time to get into the car, I’d jump forward to ten, skipping the morning rush-hour. Arriving at work, I’d jump back to 7:30, because the early bird always catches the worm. As the morning drags on, I’ll jump to lunch. Taking a two-hour lunch-hour is no problem. I could be back at work, before I left.

In the afternoon, I’ll do some actual work. I’ll jump six months into the future, when my project is supposed to be done, get a copy of the finished product, return to the present, and then start doling out bits and pieces at regular intervals. At about three, I’ll jump forward to six and then roam the office, all the while complaining about useless meetings. That would be my Monday. I might take the next day or two off, but I’d be back at work early on Tuesday.

On second thought, why go back to work? With a little prescient investing, I could be on easy street in no time at all. I’ll still go to work on Tuesday, but only to tender my resignation. People will ask, how can you afford to retire? What are you going to do? Won’t you get bored? I’ll use the old retiree saw about doing some traveling. I won’t mention though that I’ll be doing time traveling.

I could jump forward to catch an upcoming blockbuster movie release. I might skip forward from summer to summer, skipping a winter or two. I’ll also look backwards too. I’ll take in some American history, the 1904 Worlds Fair, the Gettysburg Address, and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. I’d bring my camera of course, and have blog fodder for all time. Branching out, I’d visit ancient Rome and Egypt, except they would still be new then. I might even venture all the way back to see the dinosaurs. I guess that the possibilities are limitless and only time will tell all of the possibilities that I might find.

The alarm goes off. It is six AM. My time machine has still not arrived. I get up and ready myself for work. Today is going to be a bear at work. Maybe my time machine will come today? I certainly hope so, because my transporter is still in the shop, waiting on parts.

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