Happy Birthday Chris!

Rich Uncle Chris Comes Through for the Boys

Completing this week’s trifecta of birthdays is my brother Chris’s birthday, on Saturday. The photos with this post are from the treasure trove that I unearthed this last winter, from our basement boxes of old prints. The place is Monterey and the time is Christmas, sometime in the last millennia. “Rich” Uncle Chris certainly knew what the boys wanted that Christmas, as you can see from the smiles on their faces. A computer Game Boy controller and cash certainly hit the spot, although, some Danish purveyor of Lego, likely relived them of that cash shortly afterwards. The second photo is contemporary with the first one. It is sunset. The reddish western sun is reflected in all the windows. I love the Christmas wreaths in the front door.

Sunset Illumination

Chris has sold another photograph, “Monterey Yacht Harbor“. He also bought another Canon 5D camera, the Mark III. Happy birthday to himself! He and dad are making plans to take a cruise on the Rhine. It is good to see them traveling again. Happy Birthday Chris! He has sent me an out-the-window HDR shot of Monterey bay. It is impressive. Tune in later and I’ll post it soon.

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