Lists of Note


Late last year, I blogged about Shaun Usher’s website, Letters of Note. In my post, I highlighted 6-year-old Jessica Morley’s pugnacious precociousness, in her letter to “The Economist”. In that post, I also showed a cute note from one of Anne’s students. Today, I want to introduce another of Mr. Usher’s websites, Lists of Note. One of the many lists enumerated there was Johnny Cash’s to do list:


  1. Not smoke
  2. Kiss June
  3. Not kiss anyone else
  4. Cough
  5. Pee
  6. Eat
  7. Not eat too much
  8. Worry
  9. Go see Mama
  10. Practice Piano

NOTES: Not write notes

My list of things that I did today lacks the poetry embodied in Mr. Cash’s. I did manage to intersect his day on items 4-8. That’s half his list, just not the fun half. Instead, I filled my day doing the following:

  1. Go to work
    1. Kiss Anne goodbye
    2. Stop at Starbucks
  2. Work
    1. Grid
    2. Restart computer
    3. Eat a light lunch
    4. Grid some more
  3. Come home from work
    1. Stop at grocery store

My list definitely has more detail, but not as much poetry. To be fair, today was a Monday and maybe Cash’s list is for another day of the week. Still, I have two more numbers left to go. Maybe I can do better.

  1. Remember Mama
  2. Kiss Anne again

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