The Road We’ve Traveled

The beauty of this blog, my own little soapbox, is that I can speak out, whenever I feel like it. Sometimes more than once a day. Today is such a day. Early this morning, I was doing my morning ablutions, while concurrently surfing the web, not an easy combination to pull off and keep water out of the keyboard. I came upon the above embedded video. It is partisan to the core, so if President Obama is not your cup of tea, then skip it. It was published last night. I shared it on Facebook, this morning. It had only 14K hits then. Now it has ten times that. Way to go Facebook friends! 😉

If Obama is your cup of tea, then you’ll find this video chock full of Democratic luminaries. From Academy Award-winning director Davis Guggenheim, it begins in 2008, on election night. It recounts the last three plus years, their problems and the progress that we have made so far.

Underlying all of the successes claimed in this movie, is the statement; don’t forget how bad things were. Is this the audacity of hope that many Americans voted for in ’08? No, probably not. As Obama has quoted, “you campaign with poetry, but you govern in prose”. And then there were the Republicans. Their scorched earth obstructionism, audaciously killed hope, whenever they could. All the while claiming that the problems we faced, sprung full-grown from the forehead of Barack.

Another article surfed, while performing toiletry, asked conservatives the question, “How did Obama get elected in the first place?” A collection of man on the street interviews elicited the following responses: He tricked us; He tricked young people, who voted for him; He committed voter fraud. With these unrealistic viewpoints, how can any meaningful dialogue ever occur between the two parties?

Does the moniker, ensemble movie, really work in what is essentially a biopic? I noted the Democratic all-star cast. Anne noted that Bill Clinton got more air time than Joe Biden. Maybe he just took up more of the room?  I noted that Nancy Pelosi only got a voiceover. I was surprised that Hilary didn’t get more screen time. This is a movie for the base, the Democratic base. If you don’t already know that you will be voting for Obama, then you’ve read too far.

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