Middle Sister, Smarty Pants

Middle Sister Smarty Pants

In vino veritas is a Latin phrase that translates, “in wine [there is the] truth”. This is usually taken to originate from the imbiber, but at $11 a bottle, on special this week at Schnucks, we’ll just have to go off what the label says. (OBTW, Anne took the picture, so she started all this.) While not consigning myself to the netherworld of three-buck Chuck, I am more comfortable with a bargain single-digit dollar bottle. That is not to say that I wouldn’t be willing to fork out the $11 for the a bottle to be shared with my lovely sister-in-law (SIL), Jay.

The curse of the middle child is that parents obsess about their oldest child, dote upon their youngest and kind of forget about their middle children. Hey, after a while the diaper train leaves the station. The traditional role of both middle and youngest children was that of replacements. Mortality had a way of choosing who would be the oldest.

Returning to the Middle Sister wine label, I have several questions: 1) Is Jay really the coolest of the three? 2) Which of the other two is supposed to be Anne? 3) Jane, how did you get your hair like that? Questions 2 and 3 are throw aways and will be left to the reader to debate. The real question is which of these three sisters is the coolest. The thesis before us then, is that it is the middle sister, Jay.

I must admit that I am totally biased, I’m married to the oldest sister. Plus, I love both of my SILs equally. How am I supposed to convolve this dilemma? Trust me on this girls, because I have a simple, if elegant solution. I pick Jay. She is the middle sister. She lives in Seattle, on the Left Coast, how much cooler can you get? Why else would you live in rain-soaked Seattle, except to be cool.

Seriously though, Jay is mighty woman. She and Carl have raised two children to die for. Sorry, no middle children are available, but through Carl’s work they have raised countless other people’s children and I bet that they all learned a love for baseball. Jay works hard, maybe too hard. Does this make her cool? No, I think it is her pink hair that makes her cool to me. I’m still waiting for her to send me a photograph of her new hair color.

2 thoughts on “Middle Sister, Smarty Pants

  1. For the most recent picture, check out my blog for today – when I get to it that is.
    The hair is not pink, yet.
    Love the wine.
    I don’t know about cool, but I am probably the coldest. Feet, hands, heart….
    And as the middle kid, I do know that at least once I had the thought that Poohella was too good to misbehave, and if Jane did it, it was because I showed her how … So persecuted.

  2. I don’t know all of the mysteries of birth order, but I do know that the youngest got beat up the most, by the middle sister! and I believe I am the coolest of them all.

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