Cymbidium Valley Blush - Magnificent

I nearly had an accident this morning. I was headed northbound on 170 and had almost reached my exit, when this incident occurred. Instead of my usual NPR diatribe, I was listening to a podcast, off of the iPhone. The podcast was of an etymological bent, so I was rather self-absorbed by it when danger arose. A piece of metal was stretched perfectly perpendicular across my lane. Even in retrospect, I can only describe it as one of those spike strips that the police use to disable high-speed chase vehicles. Rousing from my stupor, I managed to get two wheels around it, but the other two wheels were forced to plow over it. It made a hell of a racket. I exited a half mile later and there was a police station right there. I found no damage to the car. I reported the obstacle to the desk sergeant, who turned to the dispatcher, who confirmed that it had been removed. Just not in time for me. On the return run, in the evening, the radio traffic report had a box spring bed and a car hood on different highways about town. There was a lot of littering going on today. Recounting all of this to Anne at dinner, she told me about her own road obstacle incident, from many years ago. Stuffed animals littered the road in front of her. She steeled her heart and did not try to serve around them; the traffic would not have permitted it anyway. Afterwards, she consoled herself with the knowledge that these were all factory fresh stuffed animals, so none had yet been loved.

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