Is the ovary part of the endocrine system? Don’t just sit there slack-jawed, clutching your pearls girls. I’m playing blogging Bananagrams! How many of the words in the above picture can I weave into this post?

President Obama delivers the State of the Union address tonight. This speech officially kicks off the Democratic response to this year’s election cycle. Mr. Obama’s heroic 2008 election set such high expectations, in a time of deep despair that nothing less than an economic miracle could have lived up to the promise. Mario Cuomo once said that a politician campaigns with poetry, but governs with prose. No one can deny the poetry of Obama’s 2008 campaign. Partisans on both sides of the aisle complain at him, but he has made progress on almost everything that he had promised. Liberals fault him for promises that he never made and conservatives fault him for promises that they themselves have thwarted. If you listen closely to the prose of his 2008 campaign, then you’ll find what you voted for.

Republican candidates had had their campaigns on the run, to the max, for some months now. (Here I make a run at the Bananagrams words.) About their presidential field, you have got to be joking. Half of them are fussy nit-wits and none of them have the stones to be president. I’d sooner elect a vole than any of them. And that is the nub of this election, are any of these nag Republicans seed for the presidency? Maybe if you dyed their hair put a mask across their face and tanned their hides, all Boehner style, they could obtain some cuter sort of diva status, but I am un-impressed. I feel ashamed that our country would even consider any of this glop. Give them the ax!

French toast tomorrow? Bread, eggs and milk are its main ingredients. These three ingredients are also swept off the shelves at the mere mention of the word snow. There was not the usual crush at the grocery store tonight. Maybe, people are taking lightly tomorrow’s forecast for a wintery mix? Anyway, I’ll be well stocked, plus I have bacon too.

Anne feels that she must have done something wrong today, because she spent the whole day in goals. Being in goals is not a good thing, it is one step up from the buddy room and we all remember how that was. She must have been on a real jag. First, she said something unkind and out loud about another student in class. [Quizzes] Second, she couldn’t keep her hands to herself. Third, she missed lunch and recess, but is still not sure why. Today she was both of the elementary school’s two counselors, “Wonderful, Counselor, Wonderful, Counselor, the mighty God …” 

Bananagrams is a word game, wherein lettered tiles are used to spell words. The name is derived from the founder’s claim that it is the “anagram game that will drive you bananas!” Anne enjoys playing this game and frequently plays it solitaire. Pictured above is one of her games.

This writing exercise, was a fun little bit. I just wish that I could have worked in the words, kiva or orzo. La ti da … Remaining words: fax, joiner, pager, pi, later, élan.  Fin!

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