Eagle Daze

Twin Water Towers shot from the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge

Eagle Days in Saint Louis kicks off in January. Today there were eagle watching festivals up and down the river. We attended a couple of them. There were bald eagles to be seen and we saw a few, but none of them ever came very close to us, certainly not close enough for a picture. The crowds of eager eagle watchers kept them at bay. Still it was a good chance to get out of the house, catch some rays and get some fresh air. We did see a pair of Peregrine Falcons, which was cool. They too proved camera-shy.

Our first stop was the old Chain of Rocks Bridge. This bridge spans the Mississippi. It once was the Route 66 Bridge. It is now the longest pedestrian (and bicycle) bridge. Our next stop was Columbia Bottoms, the Saint Louis County third of the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. The other two-thirds being Saint Charles County, MO, in the middle and Illinois on the farthest bank. Our final stop was for lunch, Flaco’s Cocina, at Delmar and I-170. It features Caribbean and Latin cuisine, with a South Beach flair. I had a couple of their signature tacos and Anne had a chorizo burrito, it was a wee bit spicy.

Then we came home and collapsed onto the couch and watched football. The photo shows a bridge girder, the twin city water intake towers and Bob Cassilly’s Cementland in the distance [Anne disagrees on Cementland]. If you look closely, behind the second water tower, there is a line of rapids. This is the natural formation that is the original chain of rocks. During low water, Native Americans could walk across this line of rocks. It became a natural bridge. Today’s was a good outing on a great day.

Dave bailed on driving to Saint Louis today. He wasn’t feeling well. I fortunately am feeling better. Dave has scored a trip to San Diego next month for a conference. Indiana is treating him way better than his biological father ever did.

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