We Are The Champions

We are the champions
No time for losers
‘Cause we are the champions
of the world
Freddie Mercury

The Commissioner’s Trophy was awarded to the Saint Louis Cardinals after last fall’s World Series. U.S. Cellular is now hosting a tour of the trophy. It kicked-off today in the Loop. Anne and I biked over there and got pictures of it and with it, thirty pounds of silver. Over the next couple of months, it will be first touring Saint Louis, and then out-state Missouri and central Illinois. After our photo-shoot, we got to talking with one of the trophy attendants. Anne mentioned Rey and the Tennessee Smokies, as it turns out he has a sister, Taleena, not sure about the spelling, who also works for the Smokies. Afterwards, we continued on to the park, which was mobbed, for 15 miles.

There is a new header up. It is based on of a graphic that Dan created for last year’s Ox-bow summer camp T-shirt. I “borrowed” Dan’s graphic, he left the PhotoShop file on our computer. Anne says that all I did was change the letters. I prefer to say that I am initiating a conversation with the artist. In other news, Dave returned to Purdue yesterday, but he’ll be back next weekend. Today, we cleared the decks for 2012. We did a lot of laundry and then put away Christmas.

I keep thinking back to game six of the World Series. I was out-of-town, but that didn’t matter too much. That game has catapulted to top of the cadre of baseball games that I love. I made it home for game seven and the resulting euphoria rang around town for days. People were so nice to each other. Losing LaRussa and then Pujols, after the season, was a setback, but the Cardinal organisation is long-lived and resilient. While other team’s fans sit huddled around their cast iron stoves, I prefer to bask in the blazing warmth of commissioner trophy-hood.

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