Marking Time

Marking Time

The above photo is original, but the idea behind it is not. Still, it seemed easy enough to implement. We had eggs for breakfast on Sunday, so I had the opportunity. I practiced on a few of the extras, so I got the means down pat. Finally, it was such a great idea that I had plenty of motive to copy the idea.

The above YouTube video was sent to me by Christian of Depth of Real Photography. It is one of a genre of similar YouTube videos, some claiming to be the only real “People Are Awesome” movie. Essentially, they are compilation videos. The notes on this movie lists all of its contributing videos. Two things impressed me about this video, first, the photography is excellent. The time-lapsed segment of the Milky Way is a great example. Second, some of the action sequences are truly awesome. Dave tells me that it is Kobe Bryant, of LA Lakers fame that jumps the sports car, plus the car belongs to Kobe. I must defer to Dave in this matter, being totally ignorant of this aspect of pop-culture or why a multi-millionaire would ever do something so stupid, but the individual looks a little too short to be an NBA center.

So, I’ve started to play around with the camera a little on my new iPhone 4S. First off, there are actually two cameras. The second one points towards the user and is most useful for video phone calls. I’m sure it works with the generic App, Skype, but it also works with the Apple/AT&T varient, Facetime. So far, I haven’t used it. Dave won’t accept my Facetime calls and the only other person I know who could is KW, and I’m sure that that would just freak her out. 😉

Anne with Jess, Drew and Megs of the Living Dead

Reviews say that the 4S has 60% more megapixels, but they don’t specify whether that is over its most immediate predecessor, the 4, or what I’m use to, the 3GS. Anyway, it is sharper and clearer than my old one. As far as I’m concerned though, the jury is still out on the supposed improvement in tonal quality. I’m not saying that it is not there, but I just haven’t found it yet.

Dave, Joan and Nink - No HDR

The iPhone does have two new camera features, one hardware, one software. The new hardware feature is a flash on the outward facing camera. It is bright enough to create red-eye, but not color correct enough to put the red in the eye. You end up with white eye, which is an interesting novelty effect. The other new feature, the software feature, is HDR photography. While somewhat subdued compared to full up HDR, its effect is noticeable in a side-by-side comparison. Bottom line, I am intrigued with the new iPhone camera and plan on exploring it more in the future.

Dave, Joan and Nink - With HDR

7 thoughts on “Marking Time

  1. Ordering Janet’s and mine after work today. Gave up after 3-4 calls to the store to see if any had shown up in their daily shipment when the suggestion was made to ORDER them!! Whew! No more “iPhone Roulette” for me!

  2. How wierd. Just had a conversation the yesterday about a man named Mark Time. Make that Marc Time. I guess so there would be no confusion.

  3. @Karen – At the AT&T store, they were talking of a 2-3 week wait with ordering. Are you ordering through AT&T or Apple?

    @Jay – At least I spelled mark correctly. 😉

  4. Hmmm.. We actually tried to order the 4S online & had one devil of a time. I think at one point they were insisting they needed our landline number. Which doesn’t exist. Finally reserved 2 at the apple store & picked ’em up the next day.

    Have not played with FaceTime or Siri or much of anything yet. No time.

  5. @mark @KW ordered at the AT&T Store here in GB, phones getting shipped direct to the house. Didn’t bother with online ordering, didn’t bother going to the Apple Store (since the two closest stores are each 1+ hour’s drive away). At least mine has shipped; Janet’s should be shipping ASAP, since they were ordered about 2 min apart!

  6. Sounds like the iPhone ordering experience is all over the map and I’ll get around to facetime one of these days 😉

    (I have done face chats before via I/M and fb. Just not often.)

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