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I was going to do a political post, read rant, but I’ll spare you all for now. Just be aware that it is hovering about, just waiting to come out. Maybe though, it would be better to belch forth and bear the shame than squelch the belch and bear the pain. Anyhow, I feel the pressure building. ūüė≥

I watched two new release movies to DVD this weekend. The first, “The Help”, Anne and I watched together. This movie I downloaded instead of my more typical streaming approach. This allowed us to watch the movie full screen and without any annoying pauses. Set in 1963, in Jackson, Mississippi, (“No, it’s not about Jackson!”) the film tells the story a young white girl who aspires to author a book telling the black maids’ stories¬†about the white families that they work for, in town. The movie offers a look back at Jim Crow south on the cusp of the Civil Rights movement.

Emma Stone plays Eugenia ‘Skeeter’ Phelan, the protagonist. She cajoles, wins over and then conspires with the maids to get her story. Or should I say their story? While Skeeter plays it straight there is the element of cashing-in surrounding this story. Did she want to write the maids’ story, to tell it, or did she want to get published in NYC?

“Captain America: The First Avenger” has comic book franchise written all over it. Released in theaters as summer fare, it is a cream puff, the veritable 98 pound weakling, compared to “The Help”, but still it was fun to watch. Set during WWII, the Captain must first overcome his own inadequacies, war bond purgatory and¬†Nazis, before he can face his true nemesis, the Red Skull. This is comic book action, albeit with a bit of the all American¬†heart.

Chemistry Cat is an internet meme for the geeky cat lover. Imagine a picture of a pure white Persian, with printed chemistry related jokes overlaid. Some knowledge of the Periodic Table is required to understand them. Here are a few of the better ones that I offer as examples.

  • Cats are composed of iron, lithium and neon… FeLiNe
  • Do you know any jokes about Sodium? … Na
  • Want to hear a Potassium joke… K
  • Tell a joke about Nitric Oxide? … NO

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