Master’s Salute

We share one desktop and one laptop computer. We both prefer the desktop, simply because it is a desktop. The laptop is newer, faster, better, but we both like the desktop. Anne usually gets home first and is using the desktop computer when I get home. I wait patiently (or at least try to) until she is done with it. Then I can proceed to create the day’s blog post, for my host of adoring fans. Tonight when she relinquished the computer Anne played the Ryerson master’s salute. I’ll share it now with you, hear it below.

Most of the posts this week have been rather on the esoteric side of things, or simply downright obtuse. So, it is time for a family update. All three of the guys, Dan, Dave and Rey made it back to their respective domiciles in CA, IN, and TN, respectively. Dan has not been adversely affected by the recent spat of 100 MPH Santa Ana winds, but says that it has been crazy. I am declaring Dave to be a ward of the State of Indiana. I say this, somewhat tongue in cheek, because they will be picking up the tab for his trip next year to Hong Kong. If things workout, on his return leg, he’ll be able to join us for Dan’s commencement. Dave is also an author on another paper. Someone who he worked with, when he was working in Dr. Alice’s lab, is publishing and has offered to include Dave as an author, and I thought that all he did was to clean mice cages.

The only thing that I can say about Rey is that I was unsuccessful in enticing him to move to Saint Louis and go to work for the Cardinals. Maybe, I would be more successful, if I could first get the Cardinals to make him an offer. The Cardinals have just hired a new manager, Matheny. Matheny also happens to be the name of the heating and cooling contractor that we choose to install our furnace. We choose him before the Cardinals made their announcement. I wonder if there is any family connection.

Anne has been working hard all week, trying to leave no child untested. She started the week, by training the other substitutes on how to give the tests. Does that make her a sub-lieutenant? More recently, she has been working into the night, and getting paid for it, doing test planning, and yes she does have a spreadsheet for that. She does knockoff in time to watch her favorite evening TV dramas, but does that really make her a drama queen?

An idiot light turned on in the new Prius this week. When I got to work, I looked it up in the owner’s manual, which only said, if one of these 11 warning light go on, you should take the car to the Toyota dealership. I did so and was rewarded by feeling really stupid. The nice man at the dealership explained (speaking slowly and using small words, or so it felt) that this light went on, because one of the tires’ pressures got too low. He filled them up at no charge, but I knew that already, the car is still under warranty. I fumbled getting out of the garage, they had to open the automated door twice. Out in the parking lot, I promptly ran one wheel up onto a curb, a case of preoccupation and poor visibility. At this point, my self-esteem was pretty low, but was soon lifted by another customer, in a Toyota Tundra. He had the same problem and asked me for advice. It was especially cold that morning. I told him to just take it right on in to them.

4 thoughts on “Master’s Salute

  1. Been there done that, except that I looked up what the light was in the booooook and the GG added air in the driveway. On the one hand, it’s nice to know your tires are low. On the other hand, I HATE dashboard lights.

  2. My favorites are:
    “It’s cold outside” (When this came on the first time, I had to look it up)
    “It’s slippery, and you slid” (If this is on, and you are not aware, well – perhaps you are an idiot.)

  3. Matheny is also the name of Grand Blanc’s outgoing mayor (he chose to retire after something like 14 years in office). Could also be a relation…. 😉

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