Autumn Blaze

For the last month, every morning, I have taken a single photo, from our front, upstairs window. Anne covered for me, when I went to Dayton. I wanted to capture the changing colors of our new red maple tree, an Autumn Blaze, through the magic of time lapsed photography. The maple’s leaves gradually turn from green to crimson red. A storm came through and blew off all the leaves in one night. While the movie does capture the changing seasons, what quickly draws the eye is the daily change in the parked vehicles. Anne’s is the red car, the one with the bicycle rack on top. Our neighbor’s white car across the street appears to move up and down the driveway from frame to frame. At the end of the movie the juxtaposition of the automated soundtrack music and the disappearance of the white SUV make for a nice, if accidental, special effect.

Friday night, Anne and Joanie went to go see “Billy Elliot”. Anne thought that the show was pretty good. They got tickets as part of their dance concert series. The musical follows the plot of the movie. Music by Sir Elton John was great, but sometimes loud. Being a musical and not a dance concert, it lasted much longer than most of the series’ shows do. I was asleep when Anne returned home at midnight.

While Night Girl was still snoozing, I got up and out early on Saturday morning. I drove up to the Riverlands, with hopes of catching the last of the pelicans as they migrate south. Alas, I was too late. I did find Bill Coatney, who was kind enough to give me the lay of the land. He has a nice website, check it out. I did manage to get a few blog-worthy pictures. Returning home, I mowed and bagged the lawn. You might notice the disappeared leaves in addition to the white SUV in the last frame of the movie. In the afternoon, Anne and I went to go see the new Civil War exhibit at the History Museum. Pictures from both the Riverlands and the Civil War exhibit to follow later.

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  1. We saw Billy Elliot a few months ago here, and enjoyed it as well.
    And way to follow through on the picture idea. I have tried these before, and failed miserably.

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