2011 World Series, Game 8

Let’s just cut to the chase, the Cardinals won, again. For some reason, Fox, the Rangers and everybody else were under the mistaken opinion that the World Series ended with game seven. I guess that explains why none of them ever showed up. Everyone in Saint Louis knew different and were downtown today to cheer on their Redbirds. That’s what it seemed like today, a parade, a party, another Cardinal victory. You know, when things are going so well that you just don’t want them to end. Anne and I biked downtown to the capital of Baseball Nation. We were joined by several hundred thousand or more of our closest friends. The Red Sea of fans parted and the parade began. Tony and the Clydesdales led off the parade and Motte closed it. Notice Tony is wearing both of his Cardinal World Series rings. Many of the players brought their families along. It was more difficult than I thought that it would be photographing this event. The intervening crowd made getting a good shot difficult. I named all the players that I could. If anyone knows the names of any of the rest, let us know. We’ll update this post with the new information. We got 17 miles, a great parking space and beat all the traffic headaches too. Go Cards!

3 thoughts on “2011 World Series, Game 8

  1. It was a great ride, especially on the way back. We had a designated bike lane on Olive, and were chugging uphill, passing all the cars until Jefferson. I was riding unclipped, just in case, but only one SUV tried to turn through the bike lane without signalling. I had plenty of room to avoid him (her). After a while, traffic thinned out, and the ride got even better. Beautiful fall weather, beautiful fall colors, especially RED!

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