Rain Delay

The sixth game of the World Series was scheduled for tonight, but someone forgot to check the weather. This month of October has been dominated with balmy, sunny and warm days. It is most unlike Saint Louis to turn such a cold shoulder to the Series like it has both this week and last, except does this open the door for a possible Carpenter game seven start? There is a good chance that I will watch part if not all of the remainder of the World Series in O’Hare. I am scheduled to fly through Chicago on both Thursday and Friday. If everything goes alright, then this won’t be the case. As one of my co-workers pointed out today, nothing good ever happens in a Chicago airport. I won the lottery this week and my prize was a one night, all expense paid trip to Dayton. Second prize was two nights.

We have picked a furnace. We went green, with a 95% efficient Trane gas furnace. We also went expensive. It is scheduled to be installed on Friday. Anne shouldered the lion’s share of managing this task, dealing face-to-face with the contractors, collating their bids and then checking up on them (BBB, Angie’s). Even though tonight is inhospitable for baseball, there ought to be enough residual heat in this old brick house to keep us comfortable tonight, and tomorrow night? I’ll be out of town. I am so bad.

I heard an article on NPR tonight. This is a preface that always sends a chill down the back of my friend, the Perma-Bear. I’m not speaking about that fake California sun bear who has been masquerading this week as the Perma-Bear. The real Perma-Bear is a true Cardinals fan. This NPR article covered the maiden commercial flight of the 787. The Perma-Bear was part of the delivery team for this particular tail. The interviewed AP reporter just gushed all over this bird. The reporter described the vaulted ceiling and the one third larger windows that let in so much more light. Are we speaking of an airplane or a cathedral here? Business class passengers spent as much as $30K for a choice seat and then spent most of the flight chumming in coach. The line for the restroom was enormous. Everyone just had to check it out.

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