Bad Teacher

“Bad Teacher”, not Anne, she is certainly everyone’s favorite substitute teacher. Well, maybe not with all of the students, but certainly will the rest of the faculty. They ask for her by name. Some teachers try to circumvent the substitute scheduler, but Anne always gets them back in to line. No, the bad teacher is Cameron Diaz, who plays the title character of the movie, “Bad Teacher”. It is new on DVD this week. Rolling through the previews for other movies, I got a little bit worried. The movie had splattered on the Tomato-Meter, but it had also gotten a few good reviews. In the end though, it turned out to be a satisfying romantic-comedy. A romantic-comedy that is set in the seventh grade sounds like an oxymoron. Throw in an R-rating (nudity, language, adult situations) and you go from oxymoron to something that is truly twisted.

Ms. Diaz plays that co-worker that we all have, the one that doesn’t give a flying … While not very successful as a gold-digger that doesn’t prevent her from trying. Bouts of booze and drugs don’t keep her from showing up for the day job either, which she believes entails showing movies about school, while she sleeps off her last hangover. Her latest gold-digging prospect shows up, played by Justin Timberlake, heir to a watchmaker’s fortune. She decides that in order to win him, she needs a boob job. The problem is that this surgery costs $10,000, which is hard money to come by on a teacher’s salary, at least what an honest teacher makes. Even a bad girl needs a nemesis and Diaz’s is played by Lucy Punch, as Amy Squirrel. Punch as Squirrel plays a diabetes inducing goody two-shoes who successfully steals every scene from Diaz, even if she does lose the movie.

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