Chillin with My Gnomies

This is a sports post. It features a trifecta of sporting activities, baseball, biking and hunting, yeah hunting. Of course the big news in town today was last night’s stunning Cardinals victory over the Brewers, 13-3. Starting tomorrow, they will play the next three games here in Saint Louis. Hopefully, the Redbirds will win all three and not have to go back to that nasty old dome up north. The man of the night was Albert Pujols, with one home run, three doubles and five runs batted in. The Brewers were able to get him out finally, to which the Milwaukee fans derisively cheered.

We here in Saint Louis are blessed with a fine baseball tradition that is somewhat wasted on Anne and I, and would be much better spent on our relatives to the northwest. In recognition of this disparity, Carl sent us a little package. Include in which, was the “hangin with my gnomies” refrigerator magnet that is pictured above. Also included was a letter, with pictures of three former Cardinal players. Technically, two of them are still with the Cardinal organization, Adam Wainwright is injured and Mark McGwire is now a coach. Now if we could just get Rey to be traded to Saint Louis?

I also promised you biking and ah, hunting, in this post. To that end please turn your attention to the following three video links. The first one is a movie that our friend, Steve Gamache has just released. It stars many of our biking friends and someone everyone should know. The second movie, which is also bicycling related, is a meme that has been ricocheting around the web today. I’ve seen it mentioned several times already, so, I’ll just pile on too. Finally, the hunting film, I don’t hunt, so I might seem to be a fish out of water on this subject, but I’m trying anyway. Enjoy!

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  1. I really am just catching up on reading here. I am sure Ashlan will appreciate her photo being out there for all to see. I always liked that school photo of Rey – one of his best. He just looks really happy to be at school. We are still pulling for the Cardinals, and now all of our eggs are in one basket.

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