What a Work Day!

Today was a day that in all respects was a Monday. I tried to synergize an efficient convergence of two activities, by leveraging a front-end initiative. It soon morphed bleeding-edge and I was left out-of-the-box. The sticky mindshare of my infomediaries repurposed my value-added content. Vertical platforms, viral portals and virtual relationships had to be recontextualized. My plan to orchestrate next-generation vortals failed. What the heck is a vortal anyway? A robot contributed to this post, namely the Web Economy Bullshit Generator.

2 thoughts on “What a Work Day!

  1. To answer my own question about vortals, per Webopedia:

    Vertical Industry Portal is a portal Web site that provides information and resources for a particular industry. Vortals are the Internet’s way of catering to consumers’ focused-environment preferences.

    Now that is as clear as mud, let’s try again:

    Vortals typically provide news, research and statistics, discussions, newsletters, online tools, and many other services that educate users about a specific industry.

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