Just Sitting Around the Lilypad

I’m writing just a quick post for today, primarily because not very much happened. Our weekends have fallen into a familiar pattern as of late, frenetic activity on Saturday, followed by rest and recovery on Sunday.  I did some yard work, mowed the lawn, and moved the hoses in and the bird feeder stands out. I made a trip to Home Depot, but lost interest in all of this domesticity by the time that I returned home. Meanwhile, Anne did the laundry. She watched football, while folding clothes on the couch. The Rams disintegrated, shortly after the opening whistle, but the Cardinals won and Atlanta lost. That leaves Saint Louis one game behind the Braves, for the National League’s wildcard spot in this year’s playoffs and just three games to go. Needless to say, with no prospects for football in town we are all rooting for the Cards and the prospect of keeping baseball alive in Saint Louis, for as long as possible.

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