Downy Woodpecker

I’m in Atlanta incognito. The Cards are in the hunt for the National League’s wild card spot, but first they have to get by the Braves. As of writing, the Cards are 3.5 games back, so it is hardly a close run race, at this point. I don’t know how the good people of Atlanta would knowingly receive a Saint Louisan. Certainly, if I was in Philly, I would not reveal my secret identity. I suspect that any display of fandom would be politely received. After all, either team, once advancing into the playoffs, will likely fall in the first round. The guy sitting directly in front of me on the plane, is wearing a brand new MLB ball cap. I can plainly see the logo on its back. The holographic sticker is still on the bill. Navy blue, I am craning my neck to see the team, the Nationals.

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