MS-150 Roundup

Anne is running the electric car east, towards Saint Louis, while I write this post via iPhone. We’ve just completed another MS-150, together. First off, we would both like to thank all of our sponsors, without whose help; our efforts would be in vain. Speaking of efforts, donors, I think that you got your money’s worth. I argue this, before I’ve presented the facts of the case, but that’s just me.

The MS-150 bike ride is supposed to be a 150 mile bike ride over two days. In past years, they would go from point A to point B and then back again. Occasionally though, the remnants of a hurricane would sweep in, typically on a Saturday night and leave 2000+ riders stranded 75 miles from their cars, with a day long driving rain in between. These events, while not prevalent, were also too common to ignore. The MS Society decided to move their ride to Columbia, site of MO’s U of M. In Columbia they adopted an out and back approach, so you were never too far from your car. Anne started joining me on these rides and the years continued to roll by. I’ve done the MS-150 at least a dozen times and Anne has done at least a half a dozen times.

I started off riding by myself. I also rode once with Bob, but since then I’ve always ridden on a team. I started with Team TWA, because some of my CDC friends were already on it. This led to piña colada night, which attracted women throughout the motel, but by the time that the lights went out, I was left in a room with two queens and three other guys. The next year I bolted to the Boeing team, but the year after that Don formed Team Kaldis and the rest is history. Anne joined the team, because A) she was tired of being a bike widow, B) she saw what nice people were on the team and what great parties that they threw, C) or that she still wonders about that piña colada night, D) all of the above.

Let’s get back to the present now. Today, Anne and I rode 41 miles. That puts our weekend mileages at 116 and 136 respectively. Not quite 150 miles, but still pretty respectable. Thank you, Donors!

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