Last Beach Day

Today, Friday, is our last full day at the cabin. Tomorrow, Saturday, we’ll begin wending our way back home to Saint Louis. Our first stop will be Ann Arbor, where we have an appointment for dinner at Anne and Bill’s. Sunday, we’ll continue on to the Lou by way of West Lafayette. Dave is already at Purdue; we’ll see him there and also exchange vehicles with him. We’ll miss Dan, who will be leaving STL the same day we arrive. He has one more week at Saugatuk left to go. Today wasn’t quite a perfect beach day, but it was pretty darn close. It threatened to rain a couple of times, but nothing really came of it. Tonight, Bubs and Harry and we are headed into the Soo for dinner and the opera, “The Marriage of Figaro”.Opera in the Soo? Go figure, haute culture.

5 thoughts on “Last Beach Day

  1. Even though I was up there for 3 full days last weekend, I am down here wishing it were more! Had rain 2 of the 3 days, the 3rd was WINDY (but GORGEOUS, as were the rainy days 🙂 ). Love the pix!

    So sorry we missed each other, but being a newbie on my job, don’t have much PTO to work with, and with 2 kids still using me as their ATM, well…..

  2. I’ve been impressed by how well the new (within the last five years or so) arts organization has done in the Sault. There has always been an interest in classical arts in that area but, when I was a kid, we were starving for decent performers and teachers. Marian, a friend of The Comm and classmate of Jan, has been a force behind that arts organization.

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