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Whenever someone offers to do a guest post, I generally take them up on it. It feels like a blog vacation to me, plus a different point of view helps to freshen things up around here. Besides, I’m all for audience participation. Today’s guest blogger is Captain Don, captain of Team Kaldi’s. Take it away, Don …

So, Saturday 6/25 dawned gray, looking a bit like the weather person’s forecast – rain likely.  Not deterred, I checked my Weather Bug radar map, and after studying it for a few minutes, decided to embark on the “it didn’t rain road ride”.  But why go.  A good friend and teammate Bill A., did a 70 mile ride on his 70th birthday last year, and it wasn’t lost on me – since I just crossed that landmark, the distance was decided.  But how about a route / destination?  I left from my driveway and headed east – the photos are ‘landmarks’ along the way … some are obvious, others might make you scratch your head … can you figure out the route that was ridden??

When Don emailed me this story, the above pictures, were interspersed with the following captions. They act as breadcrumbs for us readers, as we try to sleuth his bike route. See how many of these pictures you can figure out.

  1. Since 1890 – well yes, but only this front wall! The rest of the building is all new – as well as being closed (for about 9 months now)
  2. Do you know where this landmark is located …?
  3. Ah, a very familiar watering hole …
  4. A Kelly influenced diversion from the route – note the Big Muddy is on Lenore K Sullivan in the lower right corner …
  5. Many bargain hunters today – the place was jammed!
  6. Not all plans can be followed!  As I continue south I then turned on Holly Hills … for a while.  I designed an unmarked detour which got me back on track
  7. Ah sweet respite …
  8. A tempting landmark, but a glance at the foreboding sky forced me to continue
  9. Who recognizes this shuttered landmark …?

I am stumped by #2. Does, anyone have a guess? Photo #9 is of the old Schucks store at the corner of Hanley and Clayton. The rest should be easy.

I delayed and noshed a bit at a grocery store near 141 and Clayton, then made it home with 70.2 on the odometer. It turned out to be a great day to ride, with mostly light clouds, and moderate temperature and a successful 70 – 70 ride. Bill thanks for the idea – mmm, wonder if, God willing, we can repeat the feat for the next decade?

Quite the feat, Don! Happy Birthday, again! Here’s to wishing you many more.

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  1. The Regen half of RegenAxe was shocked that the Axe half didn’t recognize picture #2. I’ll keep it a mystery for a while longer to see if anyone else comments.


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