Anne retrieved Dan for breakfast on Monday morning. It was nothing special, since most of Saugatuck was still asleep and closed. We dropped him back off at Oxbow, which is where Dave came up with the line,”Dan, lookout for bears, they can smell pretentiousness.” This is always a good warning for any artist.

We drove next to West Lafayette and Purdue. We checked out Dave’s apartment, had lunch and then drove around the campus for a bit, then back to Saint Louis, in time for Dave’s flight back to DC. West Lafayette was kind of dead, as you would expect from any college town in the summertime. We drove 900+ miles in two days. We got back to town in time to have dinner with Dave’s friend, Kennard and then we dropped Dave at the airport, where his own personal odyssey continued through most the night. Anne biked, when we got home, but I was too tired after doing most of the driving. Monday morning is going to come all too early, but at least at work, I’ll be able to get some rest. 😉

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