The Principal and the Substitute

Anne took the photo that became the two pictures with this post. She also thought up the title(s), so I can’t accept any responsibility or blame. She took the photograph last Friday, after a full day in the elementary school, so she probably felt a bit like the Triceratops. It should be noted that both the T-Rex and the Triceratops in these pictures represent the pre-Jurassic Park view of dinosaurs. These statues portray the slow lumbering predecessors to the faster more agile ones portrayed by Steven Spielberg. Then again, maybe these two are just the overweight Midwestern cousins to the ones in the movie?

At dinner that night, she told me about recess duty. She had to breakup a “game” of tetherball. In this “game” one participant stands next to the pole and waits. Another participant hurls the ball round and round, until it begins to wrap itself around the pole and the first player. It ends when either the ball hits the first player in the head, the rope wraps around the throat, or both. After she broke it up, the players all complained, “We were just playing a game!” In case you were wondering, a Y-chromosome was required to play. After work today, we rode in the Park together again. We got 10 miles. Anne is 17 for 17 in May!

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