My Mom Passed Away

Jacqueline Patricia Axe (March 23, 1926 – May 12, 2011)

My mother passed away on Thursday, the 12th of May. She was at home, with my father, her lifelong husband, and my brother, Chris, when she left us. She lost consciousness on Wednesday and so died peacefully. A few weeks ago she suffered what we suspect was a stroke and lost the use of her limbs and the power of speech, but she remained alert until the day before her death. Mom had been at home under hospice care for the last six months. After twenty plus years of battling lung cancer, with three major operations, plus radiation and chemo therapy, in the end, it was not the cancer that killed her, but it certainly weakened her by taking its toll. I guess it was just her time to go.

Anne and I will be traveling to Monterey for the funeral. Due to airfare considerations, we elected to fly to LA and then drive up to Monterey. This will give us the opportunity to have lunch with Dan, before we continue north and he starts back east to Saint Louis. He wanted to attend too, but scheduling prevented that. Mom’s service will be on the 23rd, in San Carlos Cathedral, California’s first cathedral and oldest continuously functioning church. Her cremated remains will be interred there and cared for by our holy mother church.

I find myself left unawares from an event that was both expected and planned for. I find it difficult to even know my own feelings. I am stoic at work, except when I am not. I think that it will take me some time to process this life event. I’ve just spoken with Chris and was heartened by his attitude. He is in the thick of this event, while I am just a spectator. Dad has spent so much of his energies caring for mom that we are now shifting our concerns towards him, but dad is a rock and will endure. I do not worry about mom now. She is in heaven, sitting on the right-hand of Jesus and telling him exactly what to do.

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  1. Mark, Anne, Dan & David – I am so sorry for your loss. This is a tough one, but please know that the ReganAxe clan is in our hearts during this difficult time. I hope you find some comfort during your journey, time with Dan, and the experience of one of the country’s (or world’s) most beautiful drives.

  2. So very sorry to hear about your Mom. Yes, even though you may think you were “prepared” for this, you never really are. You have our love and we are keeping you in our thoughts…..

  3. So sorry. and thinking of you.
    Safe travels, and give a hug to all of your family when you see them, especially your Dad.

  4. Mark and Anne,

    So sorry to hear about Mark’s Mom. I did not know her but from your pictures and stories about her she must have been a beautiful lady.

    I will pray for her soul.


  5. Mark and Anne
    May God’s Peace be with you at this difficult time. I think it is sometimes harder for those family members who can’t be there to share in the grieving, so give each other the love and support needed at this time.
    Love to you both,
    Jan and Pete

  6. Mark,

    I am so inadequate at sharing my feelings for and with you. My love to you and your family.

    The other Mom

  7. Mark

    No matter how old we are, losing a mother
    is one of the deepest sorrows a heart can
    know, but her goodness, her caring and her
    wisdom live on….. like a legacy of love that
    will always be with you.

    My thoughts are with you

  8. Mark,
    I am sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I don’t think you are ever prepared to say goodbye. What a great photo — enjoy all of the good times.

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