It Is Not My Birthday!

It is Anne’s birthday, on Friday, May 6th. Because, Anne and I share a Facebook account, an email account, a computer and a blog (Yes Dear, this is half your blog too!), it sometimes gets confusing for other people. Such was the case today when birthday wishes started coming in for me, instead of Anne.

Facebook asks you for a birthday, when you sign up and we used Anne’s. On the anniversary of that birthday, Facebook sends out notices to all of your friends. This is how all of the confusion was created. We could get separate accounts. This has been suggested by some people who also happened to maintain frog like personas on the internet. You know who you are! Maybe we’ll just change the Facebook birthdate twice a year. What do you think of that idea?

Tuesday was a good day. First, our contractor completed the last of the repairs on the house, from the storm. To wit, the false chimney and the roof were repaired, damaged trim painted, new gable vents, a new porch light and a new front door awning was installed. Pictured with this post are the new awning and the new light above it. We are not done though. On Friday, we get new gutters installed and on Saturday, we go shopping for a replacement tree. It is a good thing that we waited until the end to replace the tree, because as bad as the front yard looked the morning after the storm, a parade of contractors did nothing to improve its appearance. A new tree would not have survived the workmen.

Tuesday was a good day at work too. I finished my third presentation in two day. For people who make a lot of presentations in their career, this may not seem like much, trust me it was. Chart preparation for each presentation ran roughly a week’s worth of work. Fortunately, or unfortunately, one of the presentations was not my own. The normal presenter couldn’t make the meeting and I got tasked to fill in. To make a long story short, all my internal customers, also know as my bosses, were happy. They were happy, because the customers were happy. So since everyone else is happy, why not me too? 🙂

Now what about Anne, after all this is her blog too. She is in the middle of the second week of leaving no child untested. She is working as part of the team that is conducting the annual, statewide, standardized tests, in the school district. She has promised to write a blog post about her experience, probably sometime next week, when it is over, because this is her blog too, don’t you know?

Anne is out biking now, while I write this post. She tried biking yesterday, while I was working late, but only got 1 mile in before it began to rain. This time she got 10 miles. That makes her 3 days for 3 in May, National Bike Month. She is currently at 43 miles for the month. Does 3 in a row, qualify for being on a roll?

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