Enjoy Retirement, Barbara!

Barbara, my office administrator is retiring today. She really worked for the same boss that I did, but she was always there for me too. Especially, when I needed help, which was all too often. I have known her for more years than I can remember and probably more years than she would care to admit.

Over the last five years we have been walking buddies, walking a mile and a half at lunch. On the nice days we would walk outside, ducking whenever a fighter plane turned and burned above us, always seeming just about ready to fall on to our heads. That these jet’s roar and rumble were also setting off car alarms only tended to exacerbate our fears. On the not so nice days we would walk the factory floors. These walks always seemed a lot more like exercise, like work. We had our last lunchtime walk at work on Wednesday, outside.

Thursday evening she had a happy hour and even though the temperature was only in the sixties, Barbara still had ice in her beer. You have got to love her for that if nothing else. Today she will have the traditional cake and coffee in the café. I’m writing this post as script, because I might feel the need to speak there.

In preparation for retirement she has already gotten a personal email address. She plans on getting a laptop, probably a Mac. I’ve tried interesting her in Facebook, but I don’t think that I’ve sold her on that. I’ve also tried to interest her in bicycling. I’m a bit of an evangelist about that, don’t you know. She needs to get a bike first, but plans to do that. So maybe, Anne and I will see her and husband Steve, wheeling down the road, together with us. It would be fun.

The photo with this post is of a work of Haitian art. Anne gave it to me for Christmas and now it adorns our living room walls. It is made from the steel of a 55 gallon drum. Circling back to work, I got my picture taken there today. A company photographer was taking employee pictures in front of the 500th F/A-18E/F Super Hornet. Most employees are not allowed to take pictures at work, but a company photographer is a natural exception. I expect to see the same guy at Barbara’s cake and coffee. I’ll post my picture, when it appears.

The Great Central US Shakeout Consortium, held an earthquake drill at work on Thursday. In preparation for a real earthquake, the PA announcer urged us to duck and cover, and crawl underneath our desks. I was told beforehand that I didn’t need to comply, but what if in a real earthquake, a jet fell on my head?

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