Happy Birthday Dan!

Happy Birthday Dan! Your card (and check) is in the mail. Dear friends, family and readers, I’d like to ask you to mosey over to Dan’s website and wish him a happy birthday there, yourselves. While you are visiting there, why don’t you checkout the photographs there of his latest artwork, Curvature of the Earth – Nature Preserves. I’ve snagged one of his photos there for this post. Dan’s artist statement describes the piece as a diagrammatic model for a mathematically feasible, rationally impossible, theoretical landscape; parsed, sealed, and suspended. Materials include, wood, mason jars, string, steel, stain, flock, static grass, and clumped foliage. Also on his website is a movie that he made, Documentation of a Practice. This movie shows and describes the creation of Nature Preserves and also another piece, soon to be unveiled.

For the first time in a long time, I got my ass out of bed and went biking in the predawn morning, before work. The radio said it was 54 °F, but our outdoor thermometer said that it was only 44 °F. I don’t know which one was correct, probably neither of them. It didn’t feel warm enough to be 54 °F, but it also didn’t feel cold enough to be 44 °F. Although, I toted a camera, it was too dark and cloudy for any photography. I ended up with 17 miles.

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dan!

  1. I check weather on my iPhone before I get out of bed every morning. I have two A-squared weather stations on it, one downtown and one at the A2 airport. They are sometimes 10-12 degrees apart but they give me a general idea of how many layers to put on. The indoor/outdoor thermometer in the Landfill Chitchen allows me to finesse it.

  2. Normally, there is little daylight between the radio and our thermometer and not just because it is still dark out. The fact that there was a tem degree difference made it noteworthy.

  3. I’m gonna guess that it might be more difficult to predict what layers might be optimal (optimum?) for cycling than for walking, which is a pretty sedate activity even at my rather breakneck pace.

    I’m with Sam, I’m waiting for an iPhone app. Of course, what I’m reeeaally waiting for is an iPhone apparation app! 😉

  4. ooh, yeah, an Apparition App would be GLORIOUS!

    I admit to amusement (bemusement?) at the disparity between the two (yes, TWO) thermometers in my DGSLD… one readout via the mirror (which was a dealer add-on at my request – I like the compass) and the other readout via the dashboard (part of the OEM package). I’ve decided the mirror is the more-accurate of the two, unless it’s stuck in a loop where it cycles endlessly between “ICE” and temp… :-/

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