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A stormed loomed over our normally tranquil domicile on Saturday morning. This was strange, because both the forecast and the view out of the window looked all sunny and bright. The taxman had come to town and Anne had to deal with him. I however, went biking in the Park. I launched at ten. At not quite sixty, bike shorts and a shirtsleeve were a bit chilly, but a bit of cardio fixed that up. The Park was both beautiful and crowded. The slide show captures some of the springtime sights. Not pictured, were this year’s Muny flags, flapping in the breeze. Also, the Forest Park Shuttle has new brightly colored buses this year, they were tooling around. In order to alleviate congestion at the I-64/Hampton entrance to the Park, traffic is being diverted towards the Muny lots. To my mind, this has just extended the zoo traffic further into the rest of the Park.

I returned home to find Anne still working on the taxes. I showered and shoved off to run errands, library, grocery and hardware, big box hardware. I bought a light bulb to put in the front porch light, a bunch of stuff that I probably don’t need and about 300 pounds of dirt, at about a dollar per twenty pounds. Changing the light bulb turned into a project, 70-year-old wiring replacement may be the result. About all I can really claim as progress is unloading the car.

Joe’s Place is the Maplewood-Richmond Heights School District’s group home for students, who find themselves homeless. Saturday night, we attended the première of the documentary about Joe’s Place. It was both moving and uplifting. I found it so, knowing only some of the principles. Anne knew all of the participants and this must have made it especially moving for her. The show is expected to be shown on TV, and is expected to snag, at least, some Emmy recognition. The movie centers on the initial three seniors in the program. All three do graduate and attend college. According to the film, there are 1500 homeless high school students in Saint Louis and 1.5 million nationally, and only a fraction of homeless students ever graduate from high school. I feel proud as a taxpayer to have helped fund such a successful program as Joe’s Place. Anne and I are proud that we live and she works in such an enlightened community.

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  1. Commercial Break. If you live in the STL area, there will be a second showing of “Joe’s Place” on Sunday April 10th at 2:00 P.M. Tickets are $10 each, and the movie will be shown in the MRH High School Auditorium.
    You can call 644-4400 for tickets.

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