Three Kaldi’s Ride

It rained fiercely on Saturday night, but by Sunday morning it was clear and bright. I got a picture of the setting moon, early on Sunday morning. Anne and I launched out of the backdoor, to rendezvous with the planed Team Kaldi’s bike ride. This was the first team bike ride of the year and we were looking forward to it. The name of this day’s ride was the Three Kaldi’s ride. Some of the riders strung together three coffee shops for some 50 miles. Anne and I eked out two coffee shops and 23 miles. It was a beautiful day for a bike ride.

We rode out to the Kirkwood Kaldi’s and met up with the team there. There were 17 riders out for this ride. We hung with the pack all the way to the De Mun Kaldi’s. After two coffee shops and several lattes, we were pretty well caffeinated by then. The die-hard riders headed back out to West County, while Anne and I turned towards the Park. Bicycle races were going on there, around the Muny Mile. We saw Kubie there, who had had her race already and hung out with her for a while, then headed home. Later, Phil brought Anne’s good bike around. He had refurbished it and it looks beautiful again.

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